About Us

iMAS can Define your Business Design your Vision Develop your Campaign Deploy Strategic Strategies Deliver on your Objectives for success.

Innovative Marketing & Advertising Specialists

Who Are We

Business professionals sharing our passion for digital marketing to provide a service to innovative your business marketing for the the world of eCommerce. 

Our Mission

Your Success Is Our Mission.

To develop Innovative Business Marketing & Advertising Solutions for an effective productive economy 

What We Do

We listen to your goals, understand your business, stream line your processes and promote your product or services.

Our History

iMAS was founded in 2003 providing print and digital media marketing services.  iMAS has grown acquiring the services of IT & business management professionals to provide an innovative marketing and advertising solution to transform business processes digitally and market service or products online.   Networking within the digital marketing industry and collaborating on major projects, iMAS has aligned partnerships with Canadian freelance designers and IT professional to form a Marketing agency that focuses on national digital marketing and eCommerce.

iMAS is a marketing management consulting firm offering consultation, project development &  management of business marketing campaigns.

iMAS Consultants have development a proven method to deliver the success your company strives for.  Our 6-D Process can be briefly explained by allowing iMAS Consultants to Discover your business, Define your goals, Design your vision, Develop your campaign, Deploy strategies that Deliver results and achieve your objectives.

Our 6-D Process


Information gathering of your business goals, objectives and process.  Non-disclosure information of your business operations will remain confidential as we analyze your the market, your business status and the marketing mix to develop a strategic Marketing plan 

"We Understand"


The process of clearly understanding your business, target market and your competition. The initial marketing plan defining the innovative process to achieve the business goals & objectives to increase your market share with a  Return On Investment analysis.

"We Simplify"


The creative & artistic process of illustrating your brand & business message to your target market.  Images, content and  slogans will be designed to attract, maintain and increase marketshare of your business products or services.

"We Plan"


The  process of constructing your digital presence from branding, multi-media, website to  social media & e-commerce.  The objective is to to offer mobile access of business progress & status reports.

"We Build"


Implementing the digital marketing plan with an effective tailor-made campaign, providing strategical adjustments and refinements to achieve the goal and objectives of the client.

"We Unleash"


Detailed analyst reports for Return on Investment of our services for complete transparency .  

"We Promise"

Why Choose Us?

Our dedication to delivering on the digital marketing plan to provide an effective  solution with a return on investment will impressively satisfy our client & foster our success.

24  hour support offered to clients for the digital marketing services.  Our call center can also be equipped to support client customers concerns, product troubleshooting or services.

Project analyzed and supplied with progress reports and detailed billing for each milestone of the contract to develop dynamic strategies,  expand market-share and achieve continued results.

Trust in our dedication and our expertise for to provide support and guidance.

Implementation of Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing strategies to maximize web exposure and Social Media Marketing to maintain and gain user engagement.

Network of experinced industry professionals colloborating on proven methods to deliver success in the most effective and efficient plans to deliver the results you can expect 

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Meet The Team

Colin Waterman

Project Manager

Duane Sale

Project Manager

Dwayne Wills

IT Consultant

Radcliff Dockery

Business Development

Darren Dalchand

Financial Controller

Chad Whittaker

Cloud Services Engineer